Losonczy Lab

Department of Neuroscience at Columbia University Medical Center


Principal Investigator:
Attila Losonczy, M.D., Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellows:
Mohsin Ahmed, M.D., Ph.D.
Andres Grosmark, Ph.D.
Wenke Li, Ph.D.
Fraser Sparks, Ph.D. 
Rita Nyilas, Ph.D.
Adrian Negrean

Doctoral Students:

Elizabeth Balough (MSTP)
Alexandra Kaufman (Neurobiology & Behavior)
Sebastian Rolotti (Neurobiology & Behavior)
Joseph Tsai (MSTP)
Jeffrey Zaremba (Neurobiology & Behavior, Joint with Joseph Gogos)
Jack Bowler (Neurobiology & Behavior)

Laboratory Manager:
Allison Ong

Laboratory Technician:
Angel Castro
Max Ladow
Jeff Zhang

Undergraduate Research Assistant:
Zhenrui Liao:  currently at Imperial College London for the year

Lab Alumni:

Nathan Danielson – MSTP Graduate Student, 2010-2016
Current position: back to medical school at CUMC

Gergely Turi, Ph.D. – Postdoctoral Fellow, 2010-2106
Current position: NYSPI Imaging Core

Rachel Rampil – Lab Manager, 2016

Alyson Lowell – Lab Manager and Technician, 2014-2016
Current position: Graduate Student, SUNY Stony Brook

Thomas Reardon – Graduate Student, 2010-2016
Current position: Co-Founder Chief Executive Officer at Cognescent

Patrick Kaifosh – Graduate Student, 2011-2015
Current position: Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer at Cognescent

Matthew Lovett-Barron – Graduate Student, 2010-2014
Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Laboratory of K. Deisseroth, Stanford University

Anna Sarfaty – Lab Manager, 2012-2013
Current position: Veterinary Medical Student, Cornell University

Ruth McCann – Research Assistant, 2012-2013
Current position:  Medical Student, Columbia University

Chithra Srinivasan: – Masters student, Department of Computer Science, January – May 2015