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Postdoctoral Researcher 

A Postdoctoral Fellow position is immediately available in the laboratory of Attila Losonczy at Columbia University, New York to study hippocampal network dynamics during hippocampal-dependent behaviors using in vivo functional imaging in the awake mouse hippocampus (Kaifosh et al., 2013, Nature Neuroscience; Lovett-Barron et al., Science, 2014) in combination with electrophysiological recordings.  Applicants should have a PhD or MD in neuroscience, physics or statistics and strong background in quantitative analysis of high-density neuronal recordings (electrical or imaging) and related programing skills (Matlab, Python, or other OOPs). Expertise with in vivo two-photon imaging, in vivo electrophysiological recordings, or optical physics is desired.

The successful applicant will be embedded in the larger Neuroscience community at Columbia University and benefit from our network of collaborations with research groups in the US and in Europe. Interested candidates should send their CV including publications, as well as the contact information of two references to Attila Losonczy (al2856@columbia.edu). For more information please visit our website www.losonczylab.org

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Talented and highly motivated individuals with (i) strong background in math/physics/optics, and/or (ii) training in in vivo imaging/electrophysiology, and/or (iii) strong ideas about how the hippocampus works should directly contact Attila Losonczy (al2856 AT columbia DOT edu).


Lab life...

Lab life…

"Fishing" experiment with online data analysis

“Fishing” experiment and online data analysis