Losonczy Lab

at the Mortimer Zuckerman Mind Brain and Behavior Institute

Sebi Rolotti


Email: svr2111 AT cumc DOT columbia DOT edu

Research Interests:

As an experimentalist in training, I am still searching for a thesis project. I am generally insterested in developing and applying statistical tools for high throughput analysis of imaging datasets, and am currently investigating the dynamics of hippocampal interneurons expressing cannabinoid receptors.


PhD Student
Neurobiology & Behavior Program
Columbia University, New York, NY

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Graduate Study Option.
Bachelor of Philosophy in Cognitive Science.
Minor in Computer Science.
Honors in Psychology.
The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA


2015-Present: NSF Graduate Student Research Fellowship


Rolotti, S. (2014). A Visual Attention System and Natural Testbed Based on Modifications to the HMAX Model
and LabelMe Database. Schreyer Honors College Thesis