Losonczy Lab

Department of Neuroscience at Columbia University Medical Center

Welcome to the Losonczy Lab website! Our lab is part of the Columbia University Medical Center, Department of Neuroscience, the Kavli Institute for Brain Science at Columbia, and the Mortimer Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute at Columbia. 

The Mysteries of How Newborn Cells May Help Form Memories

Wall Street Journal

Video Abstract for Danielson et al., Neuron, 2016b



  • January: Our paper on in vivo characterization of hippocampal mossy cells with calcium imaging is published in Neuron



    • February: Congratulation to Jeff Zaremba on his NIH NRSA Predoctoral Fellowship!
    • April: Jack Bowler got into the Neuro Graduate Program at Columbia – Congrats Jack!
    • May: Attila received the Dr. Harold and Golden Lamport Research Award at Columbia
    • July: Congratulations to Patrick Kaifosh on his successful thesis defense!
    •  August: Welcome Dr. Andres Grosmark, a new postdoctoral fellow in our lab!
    •  August: Welcome our new graduate students: Elizabeth Balough, Alexandra Kaufman, and Sebi Rolotti!
    • September: Welcome our new lab manager: Rachel Rampil
    • September: The lab receives NIH R01 grant in collaboration with Ivan Soltesz (Stanford)
    • October: The lab receives NIH Brain Initiative Award on a project “High-speed volumetric imaging of neuronal network activity at depth using Multiplexed Scanned Temporal Focusing (MuST)”  in collaboration with Alipasha Vaziri (IMP Vienna, Rockefeller University)